This is for You

by Gabriel Oliveira



released February 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Gabriel Oliveira New York, New York

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Track Name: The Joker Always Wins
how are you doing today?
I found something -
and I thought I’d talk about it
an ocean, a garden:

to run a marathon
to run a marathon of faith
run with me
cheesy as can be

"what thing can give you the right to make me unhappy?”

aah, you forget where you are
so much terror in the world
there’s nowhere to hide
there’s everywhere to burn
like the friends I knew
like the ones that sang
to help us understand themselves -ourselves

run a marathon
that doesn’t end, baby
"I saw you crying the other day
and I didn’t know just what to say…"
oh run with me?
I’ll break my voice and all my instruments
if you can feel empathy
for someone on the other side of the world
they are there
Track Name: Lights in Your Eyes
at night you try to sleep
on the door, with your ticket
gone, sitting in the wrong time
time kills once again
oh time, hung among sore eyes

( "why don’t you come and dive some more?” some more
died, she couldn’t light anymore, moored
he hears upon the night smog, small )
Track Name: Slick Arson
say seven postmen “duh”
they don’t care
It’s a shame
a lot of books, a lot of music
a lot of cooks, a lot of soothing lives
burned away too
like that pretty girl with big blue eyes
laid her curls on the sere night

( "war means, sinhá” / "why, I can't see now..." )

hey, what’s the news today?
it’s the same as any other day
what you doing there boy
what you doing there girl
living young lion girl

"alright, it’s what I call electronic eyes"
Track Name: Empathy
when you feel it you won’t forget
this strange thing our selfish selves like
to think about, and never do

don’t forget that it doesn’t end
where are the lines drawn?
haven’t you seen the fire?

but still you hear me strummin'
and maybe you feel nothing
when you feel it you won’t forget
“a tear of blood is the best we get”
yes, the ruler’s a fool
but the roles we play are more important
more than ever maybe

ah your eyes, the lights in your eyes
I’ll miss you tonight
"I know the desert’s ten times greater at night
and I know that mother and her girl can’t have safety"
the dust settles in
Track Name: Rachel Cries
I remember secrets
you sang notes honest
I don’t see you anymore
it’s as sad as his rule

baby, run away
run all the way home
maybe there we’ll find ourselves again
Track Name: Tides
I wish I knew how to “talk better”
It’s all a part of the game now
whatever reality you can name, you can make

"oil like that is money” / "something like that is not it" /
"we need to become our worse fears -we need to see they are real" / "confronting is the art of change"

don’t you know you’re in the tides
don’t you know we’re in the tide
don’t you know baby, you’re in the tide now
we’re in the tides now
Track Name: This is for You
this is for you
because I don't know where you are anymore
last I heard your daughter was sick
there was a lot of dust in the house

I loved the food you'd make
I knew the light on your street well
it makes me want to cry to imagine-
see, back inland aunt died with a lone heart
and brother fell into a pit just days before
still you and her know even darker slides
I don't hold you, yet we all have to
now we all stand dusty and blind
"something about closing doors"
it's all the same until it's not

This is for You
because I don't know where you are
my best echoes spin through sound
It's what I can give of what I surround
"the real care stems from her sca-a-ar"
the angel is there, and so is the hound
dragging hope to headphone lives

it’s just an upward rectangle
they looking at, praying at