This is for You

from by Gabriel Oliveira



this is for you
because I don't know where you are anymore
last I heard your daughter was sick
there was a lot of dust in the house

I loved the food you'd make
I knew the light on your street well
it makes me want to cry to imagine-
see, back inland aunt died with a lone heart
and brother fell into a pit just days before
still you and her know even darker slides
I don't hold you, yet we all have to
now we all stand dusty and blind
"something about closing doors"
it's all the same until it's not

This is for You
because I don't know where you are
my best echoes spin through sound
It's what I can give of what I surround
"the real care stems from her sca-a-ar"
the angel is there, and so is the hound
dragging hope to headphone lives

it’s just an upward rectangle
they looking at, praying at


from This is for You, released February 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Gabriel Oliveira New York, New York

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